A story of a big dream

Its a dream that dominates Dr. Mohamed Emad's mind 13 years ago
when he felt that there was something special inside himself and wanted to
be very unique in the field of dentistry.
He started to create Whity Clinic, but in a special character and features
that wasn't available in most of dentist clinics at that time , after couple of
years his clinic became a landmark in the field of dentistry in Egypt.

Dr. Emad did not want to be a normal doctor, but was always seeking to get high standard dental services applying all information and new technologies from all over the world at his clinic, he is always updated of the latest equipments and techniques for dentistry field, which wasn’t available but only at his clinic. Dr. Emad’s goal was to make Whitey clinic the preferred place for dentistryservices in Egypt and the Arab world and to set new benchmarks for quality of care and services. Over the years, Dr. Emad continues to keep pace with what is new in this field and always strives to progress in the performance of his clinic.Dr. Emad assures that his team of dentists are continuously developing their skills through post-graduate education with the aim of providing the highest quality of care in general, cosmetic and implant dentistry and other medical services. Dr. Emad and his team also provide a comprehensive range of treatments for nervous patients under dental sedation, Endo treatment, Whitening and dental surgeries

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Hana Shiha


Mohamed Salah

Football Player

Injy El-Moqdm


Iman El-Assy


Tamer Hosny

Singer & Artist

Maged Al-Masry


Mofida Shiha


Nermin Elfeky


Ahmed Fahmy


Hazem Emam

Football Player

Nader Hamdy


Yaser Galal


Amir Taima

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